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Affiliates & Independant Sales

Spread the Joy - Reap the Rewards!

"Your Name"

Joy Brands Affiliate Sales Rep





500 Terry Francois Street
San Francisco, CA 94158

Date of Birth:

March 14th, 1984

Be Your Own Boss!

Make a schedule that revolves around your life and enjoy access to training and marketing materials that make sales a breeze.

Sell in person or online via a link or coupon code. Business selling also eligible with separate approval (reach out to us at if interested in business sales).

Uncapped 15% lifetime commissions on online and in-person individual sales.

About Joy Brands

March 2021

December 2021

Joy Brands was started by a professional nutrition and fitness coach after experiencing life changing results with Delta 8 THC.

Joy Brands was created to share that experience in a fun, tasty way to give others those same results while raising the bar for product quality and innovation in the hemp industry.

Their partnership initially with Oklahoma Sweet Grass and now Emerald Dreams for research and development ensures all Joy Brand products are professional-grade, extremely effective, and formulated based on the latest scientific studies.

In an effort to include the broader market, Joy Brands also offers all of their products in traditional Delta 9 THC to ensure we are not missing any patients and began distributing to dispensaries throughout Oklahoma.


Joy Brands will become nationally recognized for offering some of the best and most creative cannabis products to both patients and recreational users. Our creativity and major collaborations will give us a front row seat as the future of cannabis begins to take shape.

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