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About Joy Brands

Joy Hearts


All Joy Branded products are heart-shaped - because we love what we do and people love our products!  If the phrase “weed edible” makes you cringe, you’re not alone. Most experiences with THC-infused edibles are largely confined to eating a single, foul-tasting brownie and then becoming so uncomfortably high that they had to retreat to a private room and pray it subsides. Joy Brands offers an escape from the bitter, cringy distillate taste that are most prevalent in today’s markets as our products contain absolutely no distillate taste, beautifully bright flavor with unique flavor combinations that Joy Brands pioneered… all delivered in our signature heart-shaped gummies.  


Joy Brands is focused on high-quality cannabis! We source only the highest quality of 100% USA hemp-sourced Delta 8 and have begun our journey at becoming a leader in the creative application of Delta 8'ibles (trademark pending).  All JoyBrand products are made with a complex liposomal emusion reducing the time of impact from the effects. Our award winning emuslion process features a state of the art encapsulation technology,  especially-engineered to protects the cannabinoids to maximize the absorption of every milligram. 


Joy Brands also delivers all of our products in marijuana Delta 9 THC and distribute those products through legal licensed dispensaries only.

Joy Delta 8 Brands believes Delta 8 is a perfect balance for those seeking benefits from both CBD and THC without the cognitive delay associated with traditional marijuana THC.  At doses of just 10mg, one obtains the feelings of a perfect relaxation against stress and anxiety, it even addresses pain management and acts as an anti-inflammatory in most.  ​

Joy Delta-8-THC is the psychoactive cannabinoid found in both hemp and marijuana plants.  The effects of Delta 8 are similar in nature to Delta-9-THC (marijuana) however, traditional THC products are sometimes known to incite anxiety or paranoia, especially at high doses. Delta 8 effects are generally described as more body-centric and less heady, and certain Delta-8 products may even help promote relaxation and rest.  Joy Brands believes Delta 8 is a perfect balance for those seeking remedy from both CBD and THC without the cognitive delay associated with traditional marijuana THC.  At doses of just 10mg, most obtain the feelings of perfect relaxation against stress and anxiety, it may even address pain management and can act as an anti-inflammatory in most.  At higher doses, these effects are increased.

Because Delta-8 binds to both the CB1 and CB2 receptors (just like CBD) which affects both the brain portion and immune system (body) portion of the Endocannabinoid System, (as opposed to Delta-9, which interacts primarily with the brain) it is thought to provide more balanced effects.  Make no mistake—Delta-8-THC will get you high. The effects may help quell you into a relaxed, peaceful state. They also may be helpful for easing the tension due to social anxiety, hence why THC products are often used to help set the mood for social functions

Common Experiences from Joy Delta 8 are:

  • Promotes anti-anxiewty effects

  • Acts as a nueroprotectant

  • Improves acetylcholine and helps you focus

  • Makes the user feel mellow and chill, but still clearheaded

  • Promotes Anti-Inflammatory

  • Acts as an Analgesic/ Pain Reliever

  • Promotes appetite 

  • Stimulates intense relaxation



Delta-8 comes from the Hemp, which is classified as any Cannabis Sativa plant that contain 0.3% THC or less. Like most CBD products, it varies enough from THC that it is considered something different by regulators. However, THC (Delta-9) and CBD (Delta-8) are close to identical in their makeup from a chemical standpoint. 


Delta-8 appears in hemp plants in minute quantities, though it can be extracted from CBD in levels that can be used to gain medicinal and psychoactive effects. 


CBD and other byproducts of Hemp (like Delta-8) are legal on the federal level. CBD is protected under the Agricultural Improvement Act of 2018, also known as the 2018 Farm Bill. The only requirement is that the THC content has to be lower than 0.3%, and it must be naturally derived directly from the cannabis plant. 


Keep in mind, while CBD and Delta-8 may be legal on the federal level, each state may have its laws that regulate the sale of these products. Some states have authorized CBD and Delta-8 for medical purposes, but not for leisure. Others have designated Delta-8 as an illegal substance in their state. 


As the 2018 Farm Bill led to the federal legal status and strong CBD sales online, it also made Delta-8 more popular.


The National Cancer Institute describes Delta-8 (aka delta-8-tetrahydrocannabinol) as a THC relative with similar stomach-settling, appetite-stimulating, pain-relieving, insomnia-helping, and anxiety-reducing properties. 


Delta-8 shares many of the same benefits of THC (Delta-9), with a unique psychoactive effect, in case the standard marijuana “buzz” isn’t what you’re looking for. Delta-8 creates a unique high, which users say is uplifting and relaxing while not as potent as standard THC.


Joy Brands believes Delta 8 is the perfect intersection between the benefits of CBD and THC without causing mental confusion, excessive sedation and paranonia.

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