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What's not to Love about Joy Brands Delta 8?

Updated: Aug 12, 2022

Without trying to negate the power of marijuana, let's agree that both cannabis plants play a vital role in their varying contributions to our bodies. There is not one that is "better" per se'. but they both offer benefits in their own unique way - and even more unique is the role each strain contributes to the endocannabinoid system and even more unique to each individual. That's a lot of uniqueness! Strains are not the same, plants are not the same and we are not the same, so no single solution exists. All this to say, cannabis enthusiasts should not downplay the power of hemp-derived delta 8. Joy Brands edibles are all delivered in a liposomal, nano emulsion offering a 98% bioavailability. This brings a medicated onset as quickly as 15 minutes.

(Delta 8 THC encapsulated within a liposomal phospholipid)

We completely agree with anyone who says that companies who are using dirty distillate or distillate that is hot (greater than the 0.3% Delta 9 legal limit) is not only harming customers but breaking the law. We also welcome forms of regulation ensuring these products do no harm to buyers - this should be paramount. Joy Brands wants to ensure that the only thing you will find harmful in our products is sugar, and we have tried on numerous occasions to use monk fruit and stevia for our gummies and haven't found the right recipe yet. For those who nay say and downplay Delta 8, I'd like to remind them that certain cancer hospitals use Delta 8 for children undergoing cancer treatment. Delta 8 certainly has a seat at the table. We are just getting started and we thank you so much for joining us as we grow. If you’re not following us on social media, please join us in our journey. Each month we have a giveaway for those who share our posts. Each share gets one entry. The past two months we’ve given away 5 free products of the winners choice…don’t miss out!

Check us out and see what we have to offer:

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